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Looks great on that black beauty!
Originally posted by hope1972 at Looks great on that black beauty!

Weekend....with this to kick it off
http://maria-nsu.livejournal.com/245451.html - can't think of any better way ;-)

Soo - guess I needn't save up for the LA-theater ticket now :-)
RED to open in LA without my favorite Red - no offence Mr. Groff - all the best to you!

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just back from 4 days in London with my eyes on stalks for Mr. R - can not BELIEVE I missed him - we were roaming NH just that very same day....

guess I was busy oggling the 3-layer Devil's chocolate cake from Hummingbird just when he passed....

had I but only known :-)

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” I'm like, mate, in three weeks there's going to be a line of critics all sat there where I can see their notepads, ready to go for me. It's not self-discipline. It's fear.'
(TimeOut London interview, 21 Nov 2011 on rehearsing for "Richard II" - photo courtesy of http://www.eddieredmayne.ru/)


All I can say...you needn't worry Mr.R ;-)

RED - with no REDmayne...
Just went to a reading of the wonderful play "RED" by John Logan at the local Museum of Modern Art...I sat through the whole thing with the image of Mr. R playing the part of Ken....and even though the reading was in Danish I almost had it nailed ;-) And now - THANKS to Hope1972 and Kate Burton I can spent the remains of Sunday night watching Birdsong online....can't think of a better way to finish off the weekend... 

His mamma says...
he is working too hard, not eating enough/properly... And we all know - mamma knows best so...
Eddie - do as mamma says and take care of yourself!
We need you around for the long haul!!! ;-) In great appriciation - THANKS

Waiting for the daily dose Monday ;-)
Elle UK, Nov 2011 - A nice little piece to help pass time...

No worries, Mr. R...
Originally posted by fruv at No worries, Mr. R...
Sooo - Feb. came and went - do I see anyone getting the least bit sick of Mr. R...or his face?
Thought not ;-) Come Feb. the World will be...

And Thank you Hope1972 once again for delightful screen-candy!!*

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